Meet the Producer / by Katie Brown

 Photograph by J Hemmings

Photograph by J Hemmings

Meet Ben Bartlett - an electronica artist-producer-genius who goes by the moniker Vanguard One.

Ben has been involved with The May Project in different aspects from the get-go: the very first song I worked on as The May Project was a collaboration with him for the debut collection of my clothing label Etta Every (listen here), and he's performed as Vanguard One at several of The May Project / The Every Conservatoire (my larger creative venture) concept shows. 

In a serendipitous example of how things have a way of coming around full circle, I approached Ben late last year to see if he would be interested in collaborating again on a couple of tracks for what was then going to be an EP for the finale of a project I've been exploring via The Every Conservatoire over the last couple of years. Not only was he keen, but when we met up to discuss it a few months back, he had so many ideas and visions surrounding the tracks I was thinking about that he ended up coming on board (despite my tight timeframes!) to produce and mix over two months what has turned into a full 15-track album, my debut, due for release on the 31st of May. 

The pulling together of this album, called 'Elpis', which will be released with a short story alongside an accompanying clothing collection by Etta Every, is a real dream come true, and it feels like a complete fulfilment of the vision I initially had for it right from the inception of the ideas surrounding it several years ago. It would not have happened at all had Ben, who currently works out of Parachute Studios, not stepped in when he did: he's contributed an unbelievable amount of musical and creative input, thought, and time to the tracks and helped guide and craft the album into something we're both so excited about and can't wait to share with you.

Thanks a million Ben!